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About Cashmere (Kashmiri)

Cashmere, a very fine wool fiber, is used for manufacturing clothing and several textile articles. It is primarily derived from the neck of cashmere goats, also known as Capra hircus laniger. These goats generally have a soft undercoat underneath the coarse and straight outer coating called the guard hair. To acquire the soft undercoat fleece, the goats are de-haired, where the fine hair is separated from the coarse hair and is sold for further processing. Cashmere acquired after the de-hairing process is then dyed and then it is converted into fabrics, yarns, and garments.

Why is cashmere so popular?

• Cashmere is super soft and is a very lightweight fabric, but even after being so soft it is very warm as compared to wool.
• Cashmere scarves are very popular nowadays because of its better insulation capability and its soft feel. However, cashmere shawls has been manufactured in Kashmir and Nepal from a very long time. 
• Tibetan Cashmere ranks as the best fiber in the world because of its length. This variety of cashmere is found in Mongolia as well. 
• Pure cashmere is very expensive, but these days it is easy to come across silk blends of cashmere, which comes with added sheen. Silk scarves made with cashmere offer similar luxury, warmth, and softness of cashmere at a cheaper price. 
• Owning a cashmere sweater, shawl, or scarf, has been a desire of many women, but mens cashmere scarf has also become popular of late. Now, mens cashmere scarves are sold in different colors and are paired well with formal suits, shirt-pants, and even casual jackets.
• Cashmere or pashmina scarves can be paired with several attires, be it a skirt or a dress, especially during the winters, investing in a pashmina scarf can be the best bet to achieve a balance between style and warmth.
• Cashmere scarves have come out to be one of the most sought out fashion accessories for women, specifically in the winters. Solid color scarves, like red cashmere scarf, or gold pashmina, silver pashmina, pink pashmina, etc., can give your outfit that extra pop.

Things to check out while buying cashmere

• Cashmere is mixed with silk to cut down the price, so if you want to buy pure cashmere, then you will have to make sure that the article you are buying is made of pure cashmere only.
• Whenever you find something labeled 100 percent pashmina, you should cross check, as this can be a trap. Many fake cashmere shawls and scarves are made with viscose, and sometimes, ordinary wool is mixed with cashmere.
• To spot the difference between fake and real cashmere, you can get a feel of the fiber. Pure cashmere is a matte fiber, so it might not have much of sheen on its own, and pure cashmere pills after a while, when you wear it. Normally, cashmere blended with silk with not pile, and will have extra shine as well. At times, cashmere is also mixed with polyester and acrylic fiber to make cheaper shawls and scarves.
• Remember that goats take almost four years to grow back the hairs required for manufacturing pure cashmere, and this is the reason why cashmere is so expensive. If you land on a very cheap cashmere scarf or shawl, then there is a huge probability for it to be a fake piece.
• If you are looking for cheaper cashmere, then you should look for look for sellers offering seasonal cashmere scarf sale. In such a sale, you might get your hands on good quality cheap cashmere scarfs.